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Class is one of the oldest features of human society. In the UK, it has particularly strong roots, and is still visible today. Hierarchy, power, entitlement, inheritance, voice (or voicelessness)…all feed a palpable feeling that our society is divided. The Brexit vote and the Grenfell Tower tragedy are just two recent events which have brought a spotlight onto class. This seminar looks at the intimate relationship between class and money and how we can free ourselves. October 2017

Financial Security – in turbulent times

Each day, the news is filled with events of global significance. Whether it’s the divisive US presidential election, the spread of terrorist activity or the consequences of Brexit, economic and political certainties seem vulnerable. As individuals, we cannot help but be affected by such a backdrop, whether it’s in our own sense of security in the world, or the security of our livelihoods, businesses or pensions. This seminar explores how we, individually, can cultivate security – both financial and otherwise – whilst living in insecure times. November 2016


The relentless focus on growth, especially as measured by GDP, has been a feature of most industrialised economies since WW2. And yet economies, like all systems in life, go through cycles.

The intention behind the growth mindset is to make us prosperous and strong. But ignoring what is natural increases our vulnerability. Such a skewed growth mindset has created unintended consequences for our business and investment cultures, and ultimately for our individual personal lives.

This seminar explores the mis-interpretations of growth and how we can become more resilient by embracing the whole economic cycle. August 2016

Financial Resilience

What does it mean to meet uncertainty and the unknown from a place of resilience? This seminar looks at the role our relationship with money plays in this important dynamic. May 2016

Debt – Friend or Foe?

The old maxim used to be: neither a lender nor a borrower be. But since the 1970s, governments themselves have led debt-fuelled growth which has changed our attitude to debt at an individual level. This seminar explores our relationship with debt – when it is an enabler, and when it becomes a toxic burden. October 2016

Vocation – Aligning Purpose and Money

Many of us are moved by a calling or a sense of vocation. We see a larger reality and we want to make a difference, to contribute. Yet, securing a sound financial footing can be elusive. For some, it appears to be in direct conflict with what moves them and the result is tremendous frustration and lack of fulfilment. This seminar looks at some of the misunderstandings about money and purpose, and how to bring them into alignment. September 2016

Art & Creativity

Art is big business and has become an investment class in its own right with some works fetching millions at auction. At the other end of the spectrum, the stereotype persists of the artist struggling to make a living from their craft. In this seminar, we explore the relationship between the world of creativity and money. July 2016

The EU

The EU referendum debate is hotting up. However, both the Leave and Remain campaigns have used financial claims selectively, and to create fear.

In this seminar we look at our relationship with the EU from the perspective of consciousness – whatever the outcome of the referendum, our relationship with our nearest neighbours matters.

Please note that the seminar will not promote any particular voting position.  June 2016 (before the Brexit vote)


Life is inherently cyclical. As with the seasons, growth is usually followed by a downturn and perhaps what appears to be stagnation, until the cycle comes back into growth again.

How can we pursue prosperity which is our natural desire, while acknowledging the reality of cycles? At the heart of this, lies the duality of gain and loss. Sustained prosperity comes through mastering this duality. April 2016


The way we value ourselves and others can become defined by our relationship with money. This is a widespread phenomenon in our consumption-led culture.
This seminar looks at how to free ourselves from such entanglement so we make choices which truly serve us.  March 2016