I offer coaching and mentoring which results in profound shifts, and which usually pays for itself fairly quickly. Fear, anxiety and lack are common underlying issues, but there are others too, affecting our business or personal lives.

Business or Work

Especially relevant for professionals, self-employed, creatives and therapists.

  • Pricing and Self-worth – how to charge an appropriate price for your work
  • Optimising Revenue – effective negotiation, billing and collection, minimising bad debts
  • Aligning Purpose and Prosperity – without sacrificing either one, nor compromising your values
  • Entrepreneurs and Ethics – reconciling the ambition and ego required to create a business, with the humility and responsibility to the wider community.


  • Life-changing event – correcting the financial insecurity arising from divorce, marriage, bereavement, children, redundancy
  • Spirituality & Money – reconciling the apparent conflict for spiritual seekers
  • Relationships & Money – bringing respect, honesty and fairness to the role of money within intimate relationships
  • Inheritance – addressing family conflicts and other issues
  • Debt – addressing the patterns which lead to recurring debt or which avoid debt out of fear
  • Something missing – financial wealth and security haven’t erased anxiety and dissatisfaction

Please contact me to discuss your specific needs and how I can assist you.

“Invaluable in securing my new role. Surekha’s coaching enabled me to approach this with peace of mind and a new perspective on my remuneration.

“I was able to find my own style to navigate change, and in a new way for me, to keep my career and personal identities separate which has been empowering and enjoyable.

ZB Program Leader, Global Bank

“When I approached Surekha I felt fairly desperate with anxiety about my capacity to earn and manage money. Having worked with her, I now feel optimistic, empowered and at peace in regard to my financial situation. The coaching sessions were highly illuminating and practical. I have taken away tools that have already helped me improve my situation greatly.

“I am a yoga teacher and was delighted that Surekha had such a wealth of experience and understanding of yoga herself, so much so that I felt my own understanding expand. Surekha is authentic and compassionate and an excellent teacher with both profound spiritual understanding and “real world” financial expertise.”

Athena – Yoga Teacher