Financial wisdom – an essential birthright of every human being – so we can access all our resources to flourish and live freer lives.

Money is one of the most challenging areas of life.

  • Lack is a common experience, but even wealth presents difficulties at a human level.
  • Spiritual communities reject or demonise it, while secular communities confuse money as a means to an end with being an end in itself.

Most of us don’t take a holistic or integrated approach to wealth and prosperity, so we remain dissatisfied. And this is despite galvanising the planet’s natural resources, and marshalling our own mental and physical energies to work hard pursuing success.

Fragmentation or separation, is systemic. It’s hard-wired in us as individuals, and reflected in organisations and society. Financial wisdom is both handling money well, and becoming a rich and satisfied human being, independently of money. It comes from sustained commitment and practice.


  • Enables you to get underneath the symptoms and address the underlying causes.
  • Removes deep misunderstandings about money which perpetuate fear and anxiety.
  • Builds positive habits and a mindset which create effective actions.
  • Addresses both the spiritual and secular minds. Although the world views differ, the instrument of perception – the mind – is the same.

My offerings are centred on:

  • Self Awareness
  • Financial Literacy
  • Authority and Power
  • Value and Values
  • Identity


I am not authorised to give personal investment advice. My approach focuses on how to make decisions which serve you, rather than on advising what the decision should be. If your business needs advice, my company, Carnelian Business Services Ltd, which is regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales for a range of Investment Business Activities may be able to assist. Please contact me to discuss how I can help.

“Surekha’s work enables you to move beyond blocks so that money is neither something to be scared of nor something to be bound to in an unhealthy way.”
AH – Singer/Songwriter