About Me

Demystifying Finance

I believe that understanding finance and having a good relationship with money are a birthright. Individuals can prosper with security and businesses can thrive creating meaningful employment. I believe that when citizens are financially literate and aware, it leads to social justice, a more stable economy and a stronger democracy.

For my own understanding of finance, my journey embraced the diverse worlds of finance and wisdom – each addressing a different order of security. I chose a career in chartered accountancy while undertaking a deep self enquiry. It turned out that finance gave me a unique window on the world and human behaviour.


My first career was with Deloitte, the international accountancy and management consultancy firm. Over a period of 12 years, I gained extensive experience from tax, audit, forensic and consultancy services. Specialising in corporate finance, I worked on corporate transactions and capital raising. Clients ranged from small private start-ups to multi-national groups listed on the London Stock Exchange. I worked with a wide range of industries, from publishing to banking, casinos to telecoms. When the Soviet Union broke up, I had some interesting assignments in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Since 1995, I built up a consultancy business (www.carnelian.biz), providing a range of services to Owner Managed Businesses as well as non-commercial organisations, such as social enterprises and charities, including environmental campaign groups. My roles have included advisor, coach, mentor, quasi-finance director and non-executive director. My official appointments include:

  • Advisory Board member of City Fringe Partnership (2009 to 2010)
  • Non-executive director of Higher Nature Ltd (2000 to 2009)
  • Governor of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (1998 to 1999)


Recognising that financial security doesn’t guarantee happiness or peace of mind, there was a deep desire for self knowledge.

The teaching which brought me home to myself is the perennial wisdom, non-dual (Advaita) Vedanta. It is a non-dogmatic, scientific approach to investigating one’s own direct experience of reality. I used every experience life sent me in this enquiry, including my career in finance. This paved the way to my work teaching financial wisdom in the way that I do.

Personal Interests

Yoga, great food, sudoku puzzles (especially killer sudoku).

“Surekha’s message goes against the grain of what the world says. And yet, it feels so whole and obvious.”
VA – Teacher