How to Build Financial Security

In times of Uncertainty & Volatility

Throughout the ages, people have had to plan and work for their financial security. But in today’s world, uncertainty is compounded by changes in technology, politics, war and environmental degradation, all happening at the same time. How can we find some solid ground? Even if you have enough financial wealth for your needs, it doesn’t necessarily insulate you from the sense of insecurity.

This programme will cover the essential building blocks for establishing and sustaining financial security:

  1. Money management – clear visibility of your financial life, planning, good housekeeping, identifying key goals, priorities and pressure points. Skilling up where needed.
  2. Mind management – develop mental and emotional resilience to face the issues that need attention and have neglected, to deal with conflict, to handle ups and downs, losses as well as gains. Be clear about the role that financial security plays in your life – the larger purpose that it enables/serves. This is your internal infrastructure.
  3. Your community – everything we have comes through other people and from the natural world. No man is an island. So financial security can’t simply be an individualistic affair. Think of the recent pandemic, or the war in Ukraine. Of course, it’s true that a few people profit from uncertainty and war. That takes us into a conversation about values and a win/lose psychology. If you’re reading this, my guess is that you don’t share that mindset. We all benefit from a wider sense of security, so it is enlightened self-interest to support security for others, which creates a positive feedback loop for ourselves. This is external infrastructure.

Financial security is a process, not a destination. Life is unpredictable and the rug can be pulled out from under you without warning. If you’re unlucky, multiple issues can strike in quick succession, creating overwhelm and trauma. Think of bereavement, a company failure, fraud, ill health, divorce… Build your infrastructure right, and even if some parts of it fall away, other parts will be there to hold you.

Psychological security is in fact, the essence of financial security. That raises an interesting question – can you bypass financial security and go straight to psychological security? Some people can. The majority can’t and there’s no shame in it. But it is important to understand this dynamic carefully, because an overemphasis on money itself leads to psychological insecurity.

So it’s important to get the right balance. If you’d like to discover the right balance for you, I offer one-to-one coaching. Please get in touch for more information. It’s empowering work and frees the mind.