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Nature of Money Seminars

An uncommon conversation about money which will reframe how you think and feel about money. Come and learn about the financial world and how it interacts with our psyches. Through a different theme each month, we explore the essential meaning of security, prosperity and freedom.

These seminars are equally relevant for people who are in business or other walks of life. In truth, we are all engaged with business: either by owning/running/working in one, or by being a customer and citizen.

SPIRITUALITY & MONEY – can they be aligned?

Saturday, 20th May, 11am to 12.30pm

Throughout the ages, money and spirituality have been uneasy companions, reinforcing a mainstream view that one is only possible at the expense of the other. In an attempt to integrate them, certain teachings have become very popular in recent times, namely manifestation and law of attraction. They seem to work for some people, but they leave many others extremely frustrated.

This seminar will explore how there is no inherent conflict between spirituality and money. And we will look at some of the pitfalls and limitations in the popular teachings.

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DEBT – Friend or Foe?

Saturday, 24th June, 11am to 12.30pm

We are living in a time of unprecedented levels of debt: personal, household and national. It has become a way of life, a norm. Young people are entering their working lives with debts from university fees. Property prices have lost touch with ordinary people’s earnings and our national debt is part of the reason.

This seminar will explore our relationship with debt – when it is an enabler, and when it becomes a toxic burden.

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Best Western Swiss Cottage Hotel, 4 Adamson Road, London NW3 3HP. Click here for a map.


Full Rate

  • Attending in a Business Capacity eg Professionals/Entrepreneurs/Business Owners/Self-employed

£20 for advance booking. £30 pay at the door.

Full Rate

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Reduced Rate

  • Clients of my mentoring/coaching sessions
  • Attending in a Personal Capacity eg Private Citizen

£10 for advance booking. £15 pay at the door.

Reduced Rate