Prosperity & Growth

Prosperity and growth have been human pursuits for generations. In most of the industrialised world, compared with a hundred years ago, life expectancy has grown, we have access to more choice of foods, we can travel across the globe cheaply, and communicate instantly with a loved one on the other side of the world.

And yet…do we actually feel secure and fulfilled? The ways in which we’ve pursued these advances – are they sustainable?

If the answer to these questions is “No”, then our approach has not been wise.

A Culture of Financial Wisdom

My response is that we need a fundamental shift towards a culture of financial wisdom, so that together, we build a society and an economy which truly support us.

Culture is a powerful, living matrix which influences us. Make no mistake, we are profoundly conditioned by culture when it comes to financial matters. Is there anyone who has not bought something they didn’t like, simply because it was trendy or expected? Culture is permission, as well as suppression.

As individuals, we can and need to transform our own mindsets. But without a supportive environment, it can be like swimming upstream.

And what about Money?

The elephant in the room is money itself. A key player in prosperity, money remains such a taboo subject that it is one of the most unconscious areas of human life. We neither see it with clarity, nor ourselves in relation to it. As a result, it doesn’t always give us the outcome we expect.

“Money is not what it appears to be. Our problems with money are seldom to do with money itself. We have far more resources than we ever imagine or recognise. Financial wisdom is the capacity to access all our resources to enable us to flourish in this world and to live freer lives. I believe this is the birthright of every human being.”

(extract from Surekha Aggarwal’s forthcoming book)

My Approach to Financial Wisdom

Financial wisdom is the capacity to access all our resources – both internal and external – to create rich lives. It calls us to examine our relationship with ourselves, with each other, with money, with the material world, with life itself. In my experience, when we approach economic life with a sense of wholeness, we activate abiding security and fulfilment. My offerings are centred on:

  • Self Awareness
  • Financial Literacy
  • Capacity and Resource Growth


  • It is not centred around the popular manifestation teachings, abundance consciousness and the law of attraction. These teachings undoubtedly have some validity, but are open to profound misinterpretation. For many of my clients, the results have not matched the time, money and energy devoted to these teachings.
  • I am not authorised to give personal investment advice. My approach focusses on how to make decisions which serve you, rather than on advising what the decision should be. My company, Carnelian Business Services Ltd, is regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales for a range of Investment Business Activities. If you have a business which needs advice, please contact me to discuss how I can help.

“What Surekha offers is a paradigm shift. What you think and believe about money and how you relate to it will be transformed.”
GY – Relational Psychotherapist