Economic life is full of splits. Between intentions and results, aspirations and effectiveness.


It is so human to desire security, freedom and power. And why not? There is nothing unreasonable in wanting to raise happy families, be healthy and enjoy life, fulfil our potential and make a meaningful contribution. So we look to prosperity to give us the means by which to enable them.

In the search for prosperity, however, it is not uncommon for a schism (a rift) to open up between the means and the ends. We can see this not only in individual lives, but also in our communities, whether they be commercial businesses or social institutions.


Meanwhile, the elephant in the room is money itself. A key player in prosperity, money remains such a taboo subject that it is one of the most unconscious areas of human life. We neither see it with clarity, nor ourselves in relation to it. As a result, we have a love/hate relationship with it – another divide.

“Whether you are driven to make more and more money, or you reject it, either way money controls you. You are not free.
So what is the middle way? How can you be in the world fully, in a balanced, grounded and dignified way? Not merely philosophically, but pragmatically?”

(extract from Surekha Aggarwal’s forthcoming book)


Over many years, I have developed a way to approach such questions and to help us bridge these areas of separation. My approach offers:

  • An empowered relationship with money
  • A deeper understanding of the machinery of money
  • The self-awareness to ensure that both factors serve to cultivate fulfilment, security and ease

It will take many heads and hearts. Indeed, guts too. Whether your interest is personal or societal (or indeed both), please join me in bringing about this transformation.


  • It is not centred around the popular manifestation teachings, abundance consciousness and the law of attraction. These teachings undoubtedly have some validity, but are open to profound misinterpretation. For many of my clients, the results have not matched the time, money and energy devoted to these teachings.
  • I am not authorised to give personal investment advice. My approach focusses on how to make decisions which serve you, rather than on advising what the decision should be. My company, Carnelian Business Services Ltd, is regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales for a range of Investment Business Activities. If you have a business which needs advice, please contact me to discuss how I can help.

“What Surekha offers is a paradigm shift. What you think and believe about money and how you relate to it will be transformed.”
GY – Relational Psychotherapist