About Me

I came to questions about money and who we are very early on. As an immigrant growing up in 1970s UK, life was tough at many levels. My need for security led me to choose a respected career in chartered accountancy. It turned out to give me a unique window on the world and human behaviour.

The Outer World

My first career was with Deloitte, the international accountancy and management consultancy firm. Over a period of 12 years, I gained extensive experience from tax, audit, forensic and consultancy services. Specialising in corporate finance, I worked on corporate transactions and capital raising. Clients ranged from small private start-ups to multi-national groups listed on the London Stock Exchange. I worked with a wide range of industries, from publishing to banking, casinos to telecoms. When the Soviet Union broke up, I had some interesting assignments in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Since 1995, I built up a consultancy business (www.carnelian.biz), providing a range of services to Owner Managed Businesses as well as non-commercial organisations, such as social enterprises and charities, including environmental campaign groups. My roles have included advisor, coach, mentor, quasi-finance director and non-executive director. My official appointments include:

  • Advisory Board member of City Fringe Partnership (2009 to 2010)
  • Non-executive director of Higher Nature Ltd (2000 to 2009)
  • Governor of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (1998 to 1999)

The Inner World

Alongside the need for security in the outer world, there was an even deeper desire for self knowledge. In this pursuit, I used every experience life sent me, including and in particular, my career in finance.

The teaching which brought me home to myself is non-duality, otherwise known as the perennial wisdom. It is a non-dogmatic approach to investigating one’s own direct experience of the self. It informs where I move from and all that I do.

“Your own self is your ultimate teacher (sadguru). The outer teacher (Guru) is merely a milestone. It is only your inner teacher that will walk with you to the goal, for he is the goal.”

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Personal Interests

Yoga, great food, sudoku puzzles (especially killer sudoku). I’m a latecomer to aikido – still learning to fall well!

“Surekha’s message goes against the grain of what the world says. And yet, it feels so whole and obvious.”
VA – Teacher