“Money – whether you are driven to make it, or you reject it – either way money controls you. You are not free.
So what is the middle way? How can you be in the world fully, in a balanced, grounded and dignified way? Not merely philosophically, but pragmatically?”

(extract from Surekha Aggarwal’s forthcoming book)

Security, fulfilment, peace of mind – is there a person alive who does not desire these? Our methods may differ, but we share these underlying drivers behind most of our pursuits.

Money plays a part. We all need money to survive and thrive in this world. Whether it actually succeeds in giving us security, fulfilment or peace of mind depends on many factors. These include:

  • how we pursue it, and use it
  • how we are with ourselves and with each other, in its pursuit and use
  • how we are with gain and loss.

For this, wisdom is required. Wisdom is more than just techniques and information. It’s like soil which has been made capable of yielding a good harvest, because it’s been worked. The weeds have been pulled up, seeds have been chosen and planted with care, nourishment has been organised and applied.

Financial wisdom comes from cultivating a deep and sustained practice. When an individual embraces this challenge, it can bring about profound transformation starting with their own life and spilling over into the wider community.